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Giuseppe Fagnillo was born in Rome on October 21, 1956. He has always been fond of all things related to Art, especially painting. After several attempts at painting, he enrolled in a year-long Art course in 1991, sponsored by Rome’s City Hall, where he dedicated his time studying the techniques of watercolor painting. Fascinated with it, he decided to attend the Roman Watercolor Painters school directed by Giannetto Shneider. There Giuseppe learned many secrets of this technique with a different and more creative use of brushes and colors. Through a perfect synergy between the school of Art and his “muse”, the Spanish watercolor painter Pedro Cano, he was able to learn more and improve in the painting technique he prefers most: Watercolor. As a diligent and curious student, Giuseppe strives to express himself through his paintings, working on topics that go beyond the rules of traditional watercolor painting. He likes to explore and work on different themes attempting to catch the essence of the subject at hand. The human body, in general, and portraits are themes he likes best. The various expressions which figures reveal and the subtle play of light, allow Giuseppe to fantasize and give flight to his artistic expression as well as share his passion for this beautiful painting technique: Watercolor.